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Nokia’s COO steps down already, Apple fights India over taxes, Ford’s China sales fall

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

Nokia (NOK) is losing its COO after just eight months on the job. The telecom company’s chief operating officer Monika Maurer will be replaced by a senior vice president effective immediately. Nokia has had a tough year as it loses market share to competitors.

Apple’s (AAPL) push to get the iPhone to India is hitting some speed bumps. Apple has been in talks with India to defer a tax on imported cell phones but India’s government isn’t budging. Reuters reports India wants Apple to manufacture there as a “showpiece investment” but doesn’t plan to make any special exemptions for the tech giant.

Ford (F) can’t seem to gain traction in China. Sales of the car company fell 8% from a year ago. Ford now plans to overhaul its strategy with an increased focus on electric cars. It’s also partnering with Alibaba to sell Ford cars directly on its site.

Today is Green Monday. The cyber holiday was coined by eBay (EBAY) back in 2007 because it was one of the site’s best sales day. While today’s deals won’t match Black Friday or Cyber Monday, eBay says holiday shoppers can still find great sales on the site and elsewhere, as other retailers jump on the Green Monday bandwagon.