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Noodle.ai and Dell Launch World’s First Enterprise AI Data Platform to Enable Industry 4.0


The full stack AI appliance created in partnership with Dell OEM will help manufacturing businesses transform their operations to reduce waste and increase cost savings

Noodle.ai, a leading provider of Enterprise AI® applications, announced the launch of the world’s first Enterprise AI data platform today. This platform accelerates manufacturing and supply chain digital transformation projects and makes Industry 4.0 a reality.

Until now, Industry 4.0 was no more than a buzzword for companies in the manufacturing and supply chain industries. No other end-to-end solution offered every necessary piece of technology that would allow companies to realize the promised economic and financial benefits. By partnering with Dell’s OEM group, Noodle.ai is able to deliver the first edge-to-cloud-to-edge, full-stack Enterprise AI® platform for supply chain and manufacturing operations.

Since its inception, Noodle.ai has worked to bring Industry 4.0 to life and help manufacturing and supply chain businesses transform their operations to reduce waste, material defects, and the overall energy required to create products, solve predictive challenges and keep business moving forward. Dell Technology Capital accelerated the production of this multi-tier, industrial-grade edge-to-cloud-to-edge solution by leading Noodle.ai’s $35 million Series B round last year, joined by previous investor TPG Growth.

Noodle.ai’s suite of applications ensure that its customers are able to anticipate and plan for key variables affecting business operations, including product quality, maintenance, downtime, costs, inventory and flow. This mitigates issues before they happen and eliminates pockets of waste and inefficiencies that accumulate across supply chain functions. Its applications can predict potentially costly product quality issues and equipment failures and identify patterns in complex combinations and production variations to increase flow and profits.

In manufacturing, a tremendous amount of raw data is collected every day but isn’t utilized effectively. Data was traditionally collected for humans to analyze, through records of events and dashboards, but it is an unmanageable task for humans to sift through such a massive amount of data to uncover trends and quickly develop accurate predictions. To pinpoint issues and make informed predictions faster, this new platform ensures that data is optimally collected and processed for artificial intelligence to work at the speed that Industry 4.0 requires.

“Working alongside our partners at Dell allowed us to create a powerful platform that can address the unique challenges that occur in the manufacturing space, especially around monetary and environmental waste,” said Ted Gaubert, CTO, Noodle.ai. “We measure success internally with reduced CO2 and radical efficiency as part of our not-so-secret plan to save the planet, and we are proud to bring not only those benefits to the manufacturing space, but also deliver cost and time savings by empowering Industry 4.0.”

Ted Gaubert will be presenting this new platform at Dell Tech World 2019 on April 29-May 2 in Las Vegas. He will present Tuesday, April 30 at 3:00pm PT and Wednesday, May 1 at 2:30pm PT.

About Noodle.ai

Noodle.ai applies advanced data science to industries at the core of the global economy to create a world without waste. With advanced AI applications business leaders who make, move, and sell things are empowered to make better decisions, reduce wasted energy, money, and resources, and ensure their businesses are built to last. Founded in 2016, Noodle.ai is led by executives previously with the top firms in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and management consulting. Noodle.ai focuses on radical efficiency for supply chain, transportation & distribution, and manufacturing using leading-edge artificial intelligence.

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