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Nook May Be Expanding Internationally, But Barnes & Noble Stores Aren't

Laura Hazard Owen

At a Nook Developers Workshop in London today, Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS - News) said it won’t be opening stores outside the U.S., but did not offer further details about the Nook’s expansion abroad even as it courted European app developers.

Barnes & Noble is reportedly partnering with UK bookstore chain Waterstones to sell the Nook, though the company hasn’t confirmed it.

Apps are Barnes & Noble’s fastest-growing content area and the company wants more of them—hence the developers workshop taking place today as part of a Mobile Monday London panel. I am following the news from the workshop via Twitter. Attendees appear (understandably) frustrated by the fact that Barnes & Noble is not answering questions about international expansion even as the company invites them to create apps for the platform.

Everyone waiting for one piece of info - when is it out here? #momolo #nook

— Charles Catton (@crgc) March 19, 2012

Drumroll please… They’re not available in the UK. Why. Are. You. Here? #momolo #nook

— Dean Johnson (@activrightbrain) March 19, 2012

We need to get some alcohol into these BN folks, this lack of information on UK availability is bullshit #momolo

— Andrew Rhomberg (@arhomberg) March 19, 2012

Also of interest:

My god. UK Nook developers have to endure a short 5 minute interview with the US tax authorities to submit an app. #momolo

— Tom Hume (@twhume) March 19, 2012


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