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New Nootropic Gel by Healthycell Designed to Support Brain Health, Focus, and Recall

Next-generation ultra-absorption MICROGEL™ supplement, called Focus + Recall, is designed to support brain health, focus, recall, mental speed, and rapid learning.

VERONA, N.J., May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthycell today announced the launch of Focus + Recall, a new addition to its line of category-leading MICROGEL™ supplements. It explicitly targets the needs of millions of Americans experiencing a decline in their ability to concentrate in today's high-stimulation, distraction-ridden digital world, especially executives, athletes, students, the sleep-deprived, and top performers of all types.

Healthycell Focus + Recall (30-Day Supply)

"Back in 2008, a Microsoft Corporation study showed people could spend 12 seconds on a concentrated task without becoming distracted. Just five years later, it was only eight seconds—one second less than a goldfish!,1" commented Healthycell CEO, Douglas Giampapa, "Distractions not only hurt our productivity; they have negative emotional effects. Research has shown that attention distraction can lead to higher stress, bad mood, and lower productivity.2 As the digital information age narrows the general attention span of humans, focus and concentration are becoming the new superpowers for 21st-century professionals." Focus + Recall is the only nootropic gel on the market with neurotransmitters, adaptogens, cognitive fuel, brain blood flow support, and antioxidants that support optimal brain function. 

Once focus is broken, it can take up to 25 minutes to return to its original task. This means the average knowledge worker loses 2.2 hours of productivity per day to distractions and recovery time.3 "Our goal with this product is to help people become less distracted and more productive so they can experience that satisfying sense of accomplishment and reach their potential," says Mr. Giampapa.

The MICROGEL™ nutrient delivery system ensures maximum absorption of premium nutrients, including L-Alpha GPC, phosphatidylserine, Huperzine-A, lutein, curcumin, L-theanine, omega 3-6-9, MCT oil, amino acids, and natural caffeine to support sharper focus, longer concentration, faster and more accurate recall, mental speed, and rapid learning.

Focus + Recall product packaging is 100% recyclable. Product boxes are recyclable through local municipal recycling programs, and gel packs are recyclable through the company's partnership with TerraCycle.

To learn more about the Focus + Recall product, visit healthycell.comTwitterFacebook, or Instagram

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Healthycell Focus + Recall Gel pack