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Norfolk Ophthalmologists Emphasize Routine Eye Exams for Diabetics

NORFOLK, VA--(Marketwired - Nov 22, 2016) - The doctors at Virginia Eye Consultants believe the best way to preserve eye health and vision is to have routine eye exams. Since November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month, the team is stressing the importance of check-ups for diabetic patients to prevent progressive conditions from worsening. When these individuals regularly visit their eye doctor, the Norfolk ophthalmologists explain that the development of eye diseases can be caught early and allow for prompt treatment.

The VEC doctors point out that some of the most common conditions that tend to occur with little to no symptoms are glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. Without having routine eye exams, these can get progressively worse and may not be noticed until damage has been caused. The doctors explain that diabetic retinopathy, specifically, is a unique concern for those living with diabetes, especially those with Type 1 diabetes. If not caught early enough, the condition can permanently damage the retina.

During routine eye exams, the VEC doctors explain that patients' eyes are checked not only for changes in prescription, but also for a number of potential conditions. Even if a condition like diabetic retinopathy is at its beginning stage, the eye doctors note this can often be detected early on, allowing it to be better managed for the long-term. The VEC doctors reveal some individuals even find out for the first time they may have diabetes, due to certain signs showing up in their eyes.

Since such detailed information about a person's ocular health can be discovered through a simple check-up, the VEC ophthalmologists highly recommend everyone to schedule their routine eye exam. They add that even those without diabetes can benefit from a diabetic eye exam, as it can detect dangerous problems before any symptoms arise.

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