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North Korea features Donald Trump on its stamps

Steve Mollman
Trump and Kim shake hands in Singapore.

North Korea has made headlines of late for launching new missiles, showing off its latest submarines, and publicly executing prisoners. Less noticed, it’s also recently released stamps featuring US president Donald Trump with Kim Jong Un.

According to Kyodo News, a set of stamps commemorating the one-year anniversary of the leaders’ Singapore summit was released on June 12, and is now for sale in Pyongyang. One stamp shows the first Trump-Kim handshake, while another shows the two signing a joint agreement after the historic meeting.

More stamps are on the way, this time centered on Trump’s “lightning meeting” with Kim in June at the DMZ, the heavily fortified border between North and South Korea, where he became the first US president to step into North Korea.

Unlikely to be officially commemorated is the second summit between the leaders, which took place in Vietnam in February and ended in failure, when Trump abruptly walked away from negotiations.


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