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North Korean Revolutionaries Turn to Crypto to Oust Kim Jong-un

P. H. Madore
Free Joseon has announced that they will be selling visas to the new country beginning Sunday. Supporters can pay with cryptocurrency. | Source: AP Photo / Wong Maye-E

An organized dissident revolutionary group calling itself Cheollima Civil Defense is actively working to overthrow Kim Jong-un and the government of North Korea. The group has announced that they will be selling visas to the new country beginning Sunday, and supporters can pay with the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The price is one ether for the first 1,000 visas, which will be issued via the blockchain. Two hundred thousand passes will be granted using the blockchain. The official site doesn’t say what the per-visa cost will be once 1,000 have been issued. The South China Morning Post, which first reported on the venture, incorrectly stated that 1 ETH would buy 1,000 Visas.

Cheollima also calls itself “Jayu Joseon,” which means Free Joseon.

North Korean Dissidents to Sell 200,000 Visas for $27 Million in Ethereum

If the price remains constant, the group is trying to raise around $27 million. The group’s website says that the visas may be traded and sold. You are allowed to purchase as many as you like. They say that if you want to build a business or some other commercial activity in the future free country, you’ll have to contact them for a more advanced visa.

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What the Visas will look like, according to Cheollima’s official website.

The visa will give you access to “Free Joseon,” the state Cheollima will found in place of North Korea, for 45 days at a time. It is issued using ERC-721, a variant of the widely-used ERC-20 standard. ERC-721 significantly improves the usefulness of Ethereum for non-fungible (unique) tokens, although entry documents to a prospective nation-state are perhaps their first “real-world” use case to date.

The visas are called “G-Visas.” The “G” stands for “Genesis.” The contract address is 0x9044c1f34f29d19558c11662cb2de79f858347d9. Seven visas have already been issued, but you cannot officially buy them until Sunday.

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