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Hackers Attack North Korea And Post Ridiculous Kim Jong-un Picture To State Social Media Accounts

Adam Taylor

Twitter and Flicker accounts linked to the North Korean government appear to have been hacked in what appears to be an ongoing attack on the state by Anonymous-linked hackers.

The "Uriminzokkiri" accounts — used by the North Korean government for official propaganda — on both sites appear to have been taken over some time earlier today. It appears that North Korea hasn't got control of the accounts back yet, judging by the postings.

A statement from Anonymous takes credit for a wider attack on North Korean websites, and lists a number of usernames and passwords apparently for the website www.uriminzokkiri.com. That site is also down at present.

An DDOS attack at the weekend took down several North Korean government websites. The attack was labeled #OpNorthKorea.

Here's the Twitter account at the time of writing:

Here's the Flickr account:

It's not the most mature of hacks, as seen in this "Wanted" poster uploaded to the Flickr account that shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a pig with a Mickey Mouse tattoo.

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