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The Northern Lights Is Helping Iceland’s Tourism Industry to Grow Every Year

Fortune Video, So Sun Park

2016 was a great year for Iceland's tourism industry. Thanks to the notoriously famous Northern Lights, the country saw a 27.5% increase in tourism spending last year, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council.

But the tourism spike didn’t just begin last year. Iceland has been seeing a growing number of tourists since 2011. Recently, the country has been encouraging travelers to take short stop-over adventures with airline offers and marketing campaigns. One of our editors wrote about her experience with the program here.

According to Travel+Leisure, flights to Iceland out of New York City can be found for only $229 (with a $129 return flight) until April 10, and from April 24 until May 15.

There has been such a spike in foreign visitors that Iceland is now considering limiting the number of foreign arrivals. A large number of tourists has overwhelmed some areas unprepared for the influx.

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