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Norway's curling team shows some love on Valentine's Day

They might be pursuing Olympic glory this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean the men’s curling team from Norway can’t show us all a little love.

They donned heart-covered red, pink and white pants for their match against Japan on Wednesday:

The men’s curling team from Norway wore Valentine’s Day-themed pants for their match on Wednesday. (AP)

And this isn’t the first time the Norwegian curlers have gotten colorful during a competition. Here are the pants they wore at the last Winter Olympics, in Sochi, Russia, inspired by their country’s flag:

The Norway curling team’s latest pants design, inspired by the country’s flag, are seen during competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, in Sochi, Russia. (AP)

Their love-ly pants were a hit, but Norway’s match was a miss: they were surprised by Japan, losing 6-4.