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Not happy with Amazon, Whole Foods workers push to unionize

Krystal Hu
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    Let's not forget that most of these grocery jobs can and usually are filled by H.S. kids and college students. Stocking shelves with cans of peas and running a cash register shouldn't be career aspirations.
    I've never understood grocery unions. I was in one as a h.s. kid and it did nothing for me. I made min wage. It was easy work and I was happy to have a job.
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    So the Whole Foods employees believe they are entitled to the same lifestyle as their customers that can afford to pay inflated prices for common goods...interesting.
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    36 Reasons Why You Should Thank a Union
    All Breaks at Work, including your Lunch Breaks
    Paid Vacation
    Sick Leave
    Social Security
    Minimum Wage
    Civil Rights Act/Title VII (Prohibits Employer Discrimination)
    8-Hour Work Day
    Overtime Pay
    Child Labor Laws
    Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA)
    40 Hour Work Week
    Worker's Compensation (Worker's Comp)
    Unemployment Insurance
    Workplace Safety Standards and Regulations
    Employer Health Care Insurance
    Collective Bargaining Rights for Employees
    Wrongful Termination Laws
    Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
    Whistleblower Protection Laws
    Employee Polygraph Protect Act (Prohibits Employer from using a lie detector test on an employee)
    Veteran's Employment and Training Services (VETS)
    Compensation increases and Evaluations (Raises)
    Sexual Harassment Laws
    Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
    Holiday Pay
    Employer Dental, Life, and Vision Insurance
    Privacy Rights
    Pregnancy and Parental Leave
    Military Leave
    The Right to Strike
    Public Education for Children
    Equal Pay Acts of 1963 & 2011 (Requires employers pay men and women equally for the same amount of work)
    Laws Ending Sweatshops in the United States
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    I am pretty liberal but grown ups ahouldnt woke at McDonalds, Walmart, but get an education and get a better job. Leave the retail jobs go young college students.
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    Beach Person
    Whole Foods is to expensive as it is....
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    How about NIKE workers in Bangladesh?
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    Ron Murphy
    While I sitting here retired playing on my computer,my wife just left for an evening shift at her work because they caint keep enough help,nonunion and don't hire any fulltime employees to avoid benefits,but at least she only has 2 more years left till she is eligible for government healthcare,(medicare).
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    If Whole Foods unionizes it will be the beginning of the end for the company. If you own stock in the company better sell it the second the unionization occurs.
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    Dang Dang
    Unionize and be replaced by robots back to Walmart you go
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    mixed up world
    a liberal company like Amazon should support this, right????