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Not Just Surviving - How This 30-Year-Old Turned A Pandemic Into A Thriving Online Business

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2020 / Jenay Rose was fired from almost every job she ever had, except for the last one, which she quit days before her 27th birthday. Her friends and family thought she was making a mistake, walking away from a steady and safe corporate job that she had been recently promoted at. Despite working for one of the biggest brands in the world, Jenay was still unfulfilled, and she knew she had to make a change.

"I finally decided to stop pleasing everyone else (my parents, bosses, society) and decided to make myself #1. I quit my good, safe, corporate job to follow a passion for yoga," Jenay says.

After six months of trying to "figure it out", her savings were almost gone, and it was a real struggle to live on hourly rates from teaching yoga in LA. Unbeknownst to Jenay, however, she had built an impressive community on Instagram of about 20,000 people from around the world. Through sharing her journey in a real and raw way - from quitting her job to dealing with anxiety, this community she'd built turned out to be a secret weapon.

"One day, someone asked me if I could help with their personal development. I was terrified, but something in my gut forced me to say "yes." I became a Life Coach and six months later, I had 50 1:1 clients," Jenay recalls.

Although this brought great opportunities her way, Jenay began to fatigue and burnout. She knew there had to be a better way to help more people, so she thought she'd try developing an intimate, group coaching program.

In her first launch (11/8/18), she made $18,000 and knew she was onto something.

"Keep in mind online coaching was brand new, which came with unique hurdles. The online coaching space is still very much in an infancy, which is why now is still truly the best time to capture market share. What I made in my first launch would have taken me almost 1,000 yoga classes to earn!" Jenay says.

After noticing a pattern between her Instagram launches, Jenay began to see the value in monetizing Instagram as a platform, especially for women looking to support themselves.

"Clients would say, "this program was amazing, but can you teach me how to do what YOU do? Can you teach me how to find clients online too? Can you teach ME how to become a coach?" So I created (tested and proved) a framework that would do just that: teach women how to build + monetize an Instagram community into a profitable business," Jenay says.

This is now known as the BOSS Method™, a four-step methodology that has taught thousands of women worldwide to start and scale their own profitable coaching businesses online - with it, Jenay is on a mission to reach 1,000,000 women over the next few years.

"Today, my MONTHLY earnings are DOUBLE the amount of my last corporate salary. My business trajectory almost seems unreal. I always wanted to become an entrepreneur, but after being fired from every job I ever had, failed at two other startups, and was told I wasn't "good enough" by too many people to count, I'm not sure I'd ever get here," Jenay explains.

She is now a seven-figure entrepreneur at thirty-years old and obsessed with teaching women how to make money online, to become the breadwinners they were once supposed to marry, and how to prove everyone else (who ever doubted them) wrong in the process.

"I truly believe that when great women make great money, they will change the world," Jenay says.

With such a mindset towards success, it's no surprise that COVID was just another challenge Jenay was able to handle. Despite the obstacles, she was able to surpass 6-figure during the months of the lockdown, and is now just shy of reaching her 7-figure projection.

The pandemic also gave Jenay a great deal of perspective. As an online entrepreneur, she was grateful to be in a good position with low expenses as people moved inside. By keeping her goals to inspire, educatio, and empower women, she was able to keep everything rolling despite the struggles.

"COVID-19 really woke people up - especially my generation. They've realized that a job, working for someone else actually isn't all that safe - because it can be ripped away from you at any time. A salary might once have been a safety net… but not anymore. Millions of people had their "secure" jobs taken away, and that opened up space for an alternative truth: having your own source of income that no one can ever take away is the better bet," Jenay says.

Keep an eye out for Jenay's upcoming projects in 2021 - she's going to be someone we hear a lot about. She's shared with us that she'll be doing more speaking, is a soon-to-be author, and leading voice of the movement for female entrepreneurship.

Keep up with Jenay on Instagram (she shares free tactical tips every day) and discover more about the BOSS Method here!

Grab your FREE Online Business Cheat Sheet here to get started leveraging social media to build a profitable online business with digital products or services.

Paula Henderson

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