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Nothing Is Impossible -- Steve Wiideman’s Mindset For Success

Steve Wiideman
·4 min read

Wiideman offers an all-inclusive plan that gives your business exceptional SEO within 60 days.

Nothing Is Impossible

Steve Wiideman’s Mindset For Success
Steve Wiideman’s Mindset For Success
Steve Wiideman’s Mindset For Success

South Gate, CA, Dec. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Back before the new century began, which seems like eons ago, the internet was just an idea waiting to happen. It’s difficult for many people to imagine a world without the immediacy and convenience of Google search. But Steve Wiideman, a Multi-Location SEO Expert, definitely knows what life was like before the web because he’s been a part of shaping his skills and business since it’s inception.

In 1998, Wiideman completed his service in the US Army at Fort Hood, Texas. Entering the service at age 18, he proudly served his country for three years. Wiideman says, “In the Army, I learned nothing is impossible. I came to know that with hard work and passion, I could do anything I set my mind to.” And it was this foundation of confidence and grit that set Steve Wiideman on a trajectory of success.

A critical observation

It’s still 1998, and Wiideman noticed that businesses are moving everything to the web. This business shift not only caught his attention but also seemed to be a perfect opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and become a webmaster.

The year 1998 is also important because that was the year Google was founded. But in the early days, several search engines were jockeying to be top dog, and Google was just like all the others working to earn that spot. Long before it became official, Wiideman could tell Google would be the dominant force in the search engine race and pivoted his business adventures to accommodate the inevitable conclusion -- ‘It’s all about Google.’

Putting knowledge to work

By 2006, Wiideman worked with big names like Disney Parks and Resorts as their Production Coordinator and SEM Account Manager. He was also honing his SEO craft and sharing his SEO knowledge by writing five original ebooks.

From 2008 to 2010, Wiideman served as the Director of Search, SEO Consultant, and Production Manager for various companies. And by 2010, he was recognized as a Multi-Location SEO Expert with a vast scope of talents and specialties in the industry. So, it seemed fitting that in 2015, Wiideman founded his own company, Wiideman Consulting Group, Inc.

Continuing the journey

Since his humble beginnings as a US Infantryman, Wiideman has maximized every opportunity the industry provided to arrive at his current destination. Others in the industry can attest that Wiideman has undoubtedly cut a wide swath on his journey. Today, his company, Wiideman Consulting Group, Inc., is the culmination of all of his experiences. And Wiideman is all about sharing what he’s learned.

His services include SEO and PPC audits that help prepare a personalized strategic plan for your business. Wiideman also offers a 3-day online or in-house search training course for top-notch results. But these services only touch part of what Wiideman’s company can do. “Our vision is to bring transparency, revive trust and drive ethics to the SEO industry by creating innovative solutions that clearly identify technical, contextual, and visibility-related tasks involved in inbound marketing,” says Wiideman.

On the horizon

In January of 2021, Wiideman and his team are set to launch over 200 pre-built strategies located on wiideman.com. Consultants typically get paid 20K+ to build strategy packages of this quality and content. As an adjunct professor at UCSD and CSUF, Wiideman has had the opportunity to create university courses that serve as patterns for the strategy tutorials. These courses will be available soon on the Academy of Search.

Wiideman says that these 200+ strategies are for businesses of all sizes. He also adds that companies could spend 10+ years putting together a perfect design for their business. Instead, Wiideman offers an all-inclusive plan that gives your business exceptional SEO within 60 days.

Wiideman also adds, “Achieving higher rankings in search engines requires ongoing attention to improving relevancy, off-page visibility, and search appearance.”

Back at age 18, when Steve Wiideman decided to go into the United States Army, he didn’t realize his time there would teach him one of his most important life lessons. However, after military life and serving his country for three years, Wiideman left with the mindset that the world was before him, and he just needed to grasp what he wanted. Wiideman has indeed captured what he wanted and more.

For more information on Steve Wiideman, visit his Linked in profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/seoexpert/

Steve Wiideman, 562 732-4417

Wiideman Consulting Group

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