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Nothing Would Terrify Iran More Than This: Israel Getting F-22s and B-52s

Robert Farley
By U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Robert J. Horstman - U.S. Air Force photo 060202-F-6809H-100, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=611530

Robert Farley

Security, Middle East

They can't be beat.

Nothing Would Terrify Iran More Than This: Israel Getting F-22s and B-52s

Historically, Israel has preferred fighter-bombers that can conduct both air superiority and strike missions, and the Raptor doesn’t yet have much in the way of a strike profile. However, the IDF purchased the F-15 when it was still primarily an air-superiority platform, then made the necessary modifications on its own to transform the fighter into a devastating bomber. 

With only a few notable exceptions, Israel can buy whatever it wants from the United States, generally on very generous terms associated with U.S. aid packages.Notwithstanding the availability of weapons, however, Israel must still make careful decisions regarding how to spend money. Consequently, Israel can’t have quite everything that it would like, despite the continued good relationship with the United States and its arms industry. Here are a few US military systems that the Israelis could use:

(This first appeared last year.)

Littoral Combat Ship: 

For a long time, the sea arm of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has examined the potential for warships somewhat larger than the corvettes that have historically dominated the force. As Israel’s maritime security interests increased (the necessity of maintaining the Gaza blockade, and of patrolling offshore energy deposits), this need has become more acute.

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