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NovaBay's Avenova Highlighted in National Dry Eye Awareness Month

Daily Wipes with a New Eyelid Hygiene Product Can Finally Bring Relief from an Often-Painful Condition, Reports a Top Eye Doctor

NORFOLK, VA / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2017 / John D. Sheppard, M.D., M.M.Sc., President of Virginia Eye Consultants, which has been providing state-of-the-art referral sub-specialty eye care for more than 50 years, today calls attention to the growing problem of Dry Eye during National Dry Eye Awareness Month - and a new way to manage the problem from NovaBay Pharmaceuticals (NYSE MKT: NBY).

"More than 15 million people suffer from this often painful and sometimes debilitating condition," Dr. Sheppard explains. But one key message of National Dry Eye Awareness Month is that the problem can now be successfully managed with NovaBay's eyelid hygiene product, Avenova®.

The symptoms of Dry Eye include irritated, gritty, scratchy, or burning eyes, a feeling of something in the eyes, excess watering, fluctuating vision, and blurred vision. In advanced cases, the front surface of the eye may be damaged, actually impairing vision.

"Surprisingly, most cases of Dry Eye are caused not only by a simple lack of aqueous or water-based tears, but rather by the loss of a crucial oil in the tear film that prevents our tear film from evaporating," Dr. Sheppard explains.

How does that happen? Large populations of bacteria growing on the eyelids and lashes are a central problem in Dry Eye. Those microbes have a number of adverse effects. "The bacteria can actually block the glands in the eyelids, the meibomian glands, that produce the vital oil," Dr. Sheppard explains. "They also release toxins that cause inflammation. And they produce an enzyme, called lipase, that breaks up the oil layer, causing tears to evaporate."

Dr. Sheppard and other doctors are now successfully managing Dry Eye with two safe natural treatments in addition to, or in lieu of, standard surgical and eye drop therapies. The first is using oral Omega 3 and essential fatty acid dietary supplements to help control inflammation through better nutrition.

Equally important, they are tackling a key root cause of Dry Eye - bacterial overpopulation - by prescribing an innovative daily lid hygiene product called Avenova®. Made by NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Avenova provides Neutrox, or pure 0.01% hypochlorous acid, a substance that is naturally made by our own natural white blood cells to fight microbial invaders. "We have found that Avenova is extremely comfortable and does an excellent job removing the harmful bacteria," says Dr. Sheppard. "Moreover, it also inactivates the lipase enzyme that breaks up oil in the tear film."

In his own practice, the results have been excellent, Dr. Sheppard says. Patients report that once or twice-daily wipes of their eyelids with Avenova, along with dietary supplements and strategic individualized environmental changes, like eliminating low humidity, that are natural, adjunctive, synergistic and complementary solutions, are finally bringing relief from Dry Eye and thereby improving quality of life. "Now, National Dry Eye Awareness Month offers an opportunity to bring these success stories to many more Americans suffering from this common condition," states Dr. Sheppard.


Dr. John Sheppard, President
Virginia Eye Consultants

SOURCE: NovaBay Pharmaceuticals