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We now know what is Netflix’s most expensive show, and we are SHOCKED

Rachel Paige
We now know what is Netflix’s most expensive show, and we are SHOCKED

In our mind, the most expensive show on Netflix is something like Stranger Things or Jessica Jones because when it comes to these beauties MOENY IS NO OBJECT. Give them all the money to bring these stories to life, because they are . Last month we actually learned that they aren’t the most expensive Netflix show, and that honor actually goes to (the now canceled) Bloodline. And like, yeah, it makes sense that Bloodline costs a lot of $$$ because living on the beach in the Florida Keys is hella expensive.


But it turns out, Bloodline isn’t even the most expensive Netflix show either.

It’s estimated that Bloodline costs somewhere upwards of $70 million a season, and that is so much money. But it’s actually not the MOST money Netflix is spending:

According to Deadline, Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down is costing roughly $16 million an episode. With 12 episodes for its first season, that puts the total overall cost at $190 million, and what the what!


As Deadline writes, this money is going towards the production team (including the directors, writers, and “hip-hop historians”) along with “visual effects, music rights and production design. Of the $16 million, around $11 million was the final production expenses per episode, $3 million-$4 million over the initial budget following a string of filming shutdowns, staffing changes and script rewrites.”



This is also only the first season of The Get Down, and since everything goes up in price over time, that means The Get Down will most likely, too. It’s hard to believe that Netflix is willing to just hand over $200 million for one season of television, but hey, this is Netflix we’re talking about. For them, price is no object when it comes to great television.

The Get Down

But also just think about how many seasons of Stranger Things $200 million could buy. SO MANY SEASONS.

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