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NSS Labs Launches New "Radar" for Cyber Threats

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 9, 2015) - NSS Labs announced today the immediate availability of its groundbreaking Cyber Advanced Warning System™ (CAWS), the first tool to provide real-time situational awareness of cyber threats.

For the first time, users will have the critical information they need to change their security posture before an attack. Based upon real-time attacks and security product capabilities, this tool warns users when they are at risk of being breached rather than informing them they have been breached. Executives finally have a way to measure the effectiveness of their cyber security strategy and investments.

The Cyber Advanced Warning System provides immediate value with unique, highly focused and relevant information:

  • The tool tracks capabilities of threat actors and identifies which applications are being exploited in current campaigns.
  • Alerts administrators when an attack bypasses their security products
  • Helps IT security departments prioritize patches and signature deployments, as well as run real-time proof of concepts using actual attacks and security products.

This cloud-based solution is easy to use, requires no on-premise sensor, and no need to define network configuration.

For the C-suite, this tool also allows executives to answer the question, "How secure are we?", pinpoint deficiencies, and articulate plans for remediation using hard metrics to demonstrate the current status and results of remediation efforts. These metrics can be used to justify budget spend, illustrate protection capabilities, and model architecture changes, saving time and money.

"In order to accurately test the world's leading security products, NSS developed the unique real-time capability of determining which exploits cyber threat actors are using, and more importantly which bypass security products," said Vikram Phatak, Chief Executive Officer of NSS Labs. "The Cyber Advanced Warning System provides real-time situational awareness, alerting organizations when they are at risk of compromise."

The Current Approach to Cybersecurity Needs to Evolve
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"It is important for enterprises to move from a reactive to proactive stance when it comes to dealing with cyber threats," said Bob Walder, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of NSS Labs. "By focusing on exploits rather than malware or other 'after the fact' threat indicators such as malicious URLs or IP addresses, we can help security personnel get one step ahead of the adversary."

NSS has built the Cyber Advanced Warning System to benefit multiple industries including financial services and banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and government. The system is scalable from Small to Medium Enterprises to organizations with a worldwide footprint.

For more information about the NSS Cyber Advanced Warning System go to www.nsslabs.com.

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