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Nucleus Biologics Announces Highest Levels of Fetal Bovine Serum Testing in Industry to “Re-Define” Serum


Nucleus Biologics, a cell culture products supplier to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, is announcing it is increasing the number of analytical tests of its premium fetal bovine serum (FBS) sourced in Australia, to 78, surpassing industry standards – with leading competitors testing for only 50 to 60 factors on only their premium products. Nucleus Biologics provides scientists with a full certificate of analysis detailing the results of all 78 tests.

FBS is critical food for ground-breaking research and drug development, and has a broad applicability to cell-based pharmaceutical research and bioproduction efforts. But its critics say undefined FBS, with little information on its characterization, can introduce unknown variables into cell cultures. The total number, types, and results of FBS tests performed vary from supplier to supplier.

Examples of tests that Nucleus Biologics performs include:

  • Tetracycline and derivatives, confirming animals were never raised with antibiotics. This is critical for many scientists seeking antibiotic-free FBS for experiments
  • Antibody Profile, expanding on 9CFR testing to validate the historically low likelihood that the animals have ever been exposed to these viruses
  • Functional Assays, confirming cell viability and FBS effectiveness in cell cultures even before it is used
  • Additional tests like creatinine, iron, bilirubin, triglycerides and numerous others to further characterize the FBS

“At Nucleus Biologics, we are committed to giving scientists better data to make more informed decisions about their FBS choices. As our customers’ understanding of cell science expands, we in turn need to advance the technical standards for media supplements to prevent expensive and lengthy lot testing, and increase experiment success,” said Nucleus Biologics Chief Executive Officer David Sheehan. “For us to achieve our mission of providing the highest quality cell culture solutions to feed scientific breakthrough we must be unrelenting in the pursuit of innovation of product and process.“

Nucleus Biologics announced earlier this year that it is ensuring highly-characterized, low-viral serum by reengineering the FBS supply chain. The company controls quality, provides greater transparency, and ensures stable supplies via its exclusive agreement with the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) as its exclusive source for raw material, versus short-term agreements typical in the industry. AACo is the largest cattle company in Australia (with 16 million acres of land under its control), in a country known to be BSE- and FMD-free. Nucleus Biologics FBS is manufactured under a controlled and transparent process yielding an extremely low viral load, low hemoglobin and low endotoxin serum and is processed in a facility that is FDA registered, ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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About Nucleus Biologics

Nucleus Biologics is a San Diego-based supplier of premium cell culture products for biotech and pharmaceutical companies throughout North America. The company feeds scientific breakthrough by partnering with the source and redesigning the traditional cell culture products supply chain for greater transparency and superior quality. Nucleus Biologics’ premier product offering is an exceptionally low-viral load, Australian-based fetal bovine serum (FBS) that is consistent, traceable to a exclusive source, characterized and provides stable supply and pricing. Nucleus Biologics partners with Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) as its exclusive source in Australia. AACo is the largest cattle company in Australia with over 16 million acres of land under its control. Numerous Nucleus Biologics product offerings are planned throughout 2017. Visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. www.nucleusbiologics.com. Call us at 858.251.2010.

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