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Naked or ripped off? Most pick naked

If given the choice, more people would rather have naked photos of themselves posted online than have their financial information stolen.

That’s the finding of a new survey by MasterCard (MA), which indicates 55% of those asked say they’d rather be seen in the buff than expose their wallets to cyber crooks.

And believe it or not, Yahoo Finance’s Aaron Task thinks that percentage is too low.

“It should be 100%,” he argues. “It’s much worse for you to have your financial information leaked than to have a nude picture of yourself leaked.”

The survey notes that 77% are anxious about having their financial data and Social Security numbers being compromised. Task believes it’s perfectly understandable that people feel at risk in today’s high-tech world, using as an example the glitch which shut down trading at the New York Stock Exchange for more than three hours Wednesday.

“We’ve just seen how vulnerable computer systems are,” he says. “We’ve had the hacking attacks at Target (TGT) and Home Depot (HD), the Sony (SNE) hack, the IRS has been hacked, the government has been hacked.”

Task says the poll includes another piece of information that’s also an eye-opener: 46% say they rarely or never change their passwords.  

“Use a password manager like Dashlane or LastPass or KeePass,” he recommends. “Those kinds of password managers can really help you protect your financial information. Then you don’t have to worry about posting nude pictures of yourself online.”

Task adds that it’s important to remember that when it comes to the internet, nothing is completely secure.

“Everybody should be aware that your financial information-- all your information-- if it’s online it’s vulnerable to being hacked,” he says. “Nothing is foolproof, and you have to take some steps to protect yourself."

And Task is onboard with those who would gladly give up a birthday suit shot in exchange for safety.

“You’re taking a nude picture of me and guaranteeing my financial security,” he asks. “I’m taking that deal.”