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nuPSYS' IoT Solution Integrated with Cisco-Kinetic IoT Platform Showcased at CiscoLive 2019: Cisco-Innovations Booth

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- nuPSYS—an innovation leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Industrial-IoT & Operational Technology (OT), infrastructure, and networks—is pleased to announce its IoT solution integrated with the Cisco-Kinetic IoT platform running on Cisco-UCS solutions, is shown live at CiscoLive San Diego by Cisco Innovations

See a live demo at Cisco-Innovations booth at CiscoLive San Diego, June 11-13, Cisco World of Solutions.

Cisco-Innovations & nuPSYS worked closely alongside ebb3 & Gambit for Cisco-Kinetic integration. Cisco-UCS product line's innovative & powerful features including GPU engine enables accelerated edge VDI & nuPSYS' 3D-Virtual Presence for Cisco-Kinetic EFM: https://twitter.com/jparello?lang=en

Cisco-Innovations also will have presentations focused on "UCS / IoT – Accelerated Edge VDI".  Cisco-Kinetic is the IoT-Platform (including Edge & Fog Module: EFM).  nuPSYS' integrated nuSIM is the IoT Visualization platform & supports direct feed from Cisco-Kinetic EFM for IoT devices.

nuPSYS has signed a Global Reseller Agreement with Cisco.  nuPSYS' solutions can be ordered through Cisco & Cisco-resellers worldwide, using following Cisco SKU part numbers

Cisco ACI-NUSIM-IOT:       

IoT Solution

Cisco ACI-NUVIZ-DSGN:      

Data Center Design Automation Solution

Cisco ACI-NUVIZ-OPS:     

Data Center Inventory Visual Automation & Operations Solution


This integration will enable Enterprise & Service Provider operators to have an interactive & dynamic User Experience via nuPSYS' patented 3D-Virtual Presence.  Key features of nuPSYS' IoT solution include: 

  • Pragmatic 3D-Virtual-Presence™
  • Integrated 3D view
  • 3D representation of assets, cameras, sensors, & access control
  • Generates a real-perspective view for operators – significantly enhances efficiency
  • Interactive and dynamic operations
  • 3D advanced mapping
  • Customization dashboard per use case
  • Dashboard provides simultaneous 3D view, streaming view and sensor view
  • CONTEXT AWARE: immersed in the 3D physical environment
  • SCALE: Single light pole (or single smart infrastructure) to a full smart city-scape
  • SPEED: Real-time
  • KPI IMPROVEMENTS: Enhanced efficiencies compared to maps and icons overlay
  • For more information contact marketing@nupsys.com  

About nuPSYS   

nuPSYS is an innovation leader in IoT, data center and wireless cell site automation and visual tools. nuPSYS provides a unique and patented Automation & Visualization solution supporting IoT, data center and cell site full lifecycle from design to operations for wired and mobile networks and IoT service providers and enterprises.  nuPSYS' solution provides Virtual-Presence™ (via 3D-immersion) correlated with the network (real-time discovery) and IoT views (cameras and sensors) simultaneously.  It is a physical and virtual 3D visual tool for IoT, data center and cell site modelling, planning, and operating that enables dramatic improvements in operational efficiency, cost and time-to-market savings, and improves the customer experience for new and existing IoT, distributed, micro and edge data center and cell site deployments.

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