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Nuvilex, Inc. Acquisition Could Be Steal of the Century and Worth Billions

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 18, 2013) - In a recently announced acquisition deal, Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX), pulled off what can only be described as the steal of the century. The company was able to secure a deal that allowed it to "cherry-pick" the exact piece of the pie Nuvilex wanted from another company. And, what was the exact piece of the pie Nuvilex wanted -- Bio Blue Bird AG (BBB) and more importantly, its worldwide licenses associated with the live-cell encapsulation platform technology to develop treatments for all cancer types -- and that's exactly what the company got.

In the deal, Nuvilex acquired all of the shares of BBB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SG Austria Private Limited. As a result of this acquisition, BBB is now Nuvilex's wholly-owned subsidiary. Stock Market Media Group, a full service investor relations firm focused on research, market awareness and content development, found this is a deal where Nuvilex and its shareholders win big, and quite frankly the move was pure genius and may prove to be worth billions of dollars.

BBB owns exclusive worldwide licenses associated with the live-cell encapsulation-based pancreatic cancer treatment that has been used in two independent Phase II clinical trials which produced results that are better than the current standard single-agent treatment (GEMZAR, also known as gemcitabine) for advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer. These licenses include worldwide rights to utilize the live-cell encapsulation platform technology to develop treatments for any and all cancer types, regardless of the cell type encapsulated. As a result, the cells to be used for Nuvilex's future pancreatic cancer trials are also protected by BBB's worldwide exclusive license.

There are two key areas in this completed deal that highlight just what a steal this acquisition is for the company. The first is what this deal really means for the future of Nuvilex, and the second is just how well the company's shareholders fared in the deal. What may have been lost in all the legal jargon in last week's press release announcing the acquisition is that Nuvilex now controls the use of this technology as it relates to its use in any treatment, of any form of cancer, by any entity. This news alone could not only dramatically enhance Nuvilex's pipeline, but could draw a number of big name pharmaceutical and biotech companies to Nuvilex's door. The key, of course, is Nuvilex's future Phase III pancreatic cancer trials.

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This article is the opinion of Stock Market Media Group and was written based upon publicly available information. Nuvilex has not endorsed or compensated Stock Market Media Group for this article.