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Nvidia CEO: 'Computer graphics will never be the same again'

JP Mangalindan
Chief Tech Correspondent
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    Real-time ray tracing is a remarkable achievement, once thought almost impossible.
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    Impressive though it is, 500 dollars starting price means it will be a while before the average consumer benefits from this. Most people can't afford to spend that much on the card alone.

    But the cost will come down as the tech is refined and improved. It always does.
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    Pre-Orders on the 2080 TI are already out of stock on NVIDA's website.
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    Mick W
    It looks really cool, but I was kinda hoping this would help drive prices down on existing gtx cards. For the starting prices of the rtx, the gtx prices are likely to stay where they are.
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    iS this the same as ray charles being able to see?
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    i need to see benchmarks.. they are claiming the equivalent of 78Tflops from the 2080.. that is quite the claim and if true it will take game development 5 years to catch up and immediately make 8k monitors relevant
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    What is the energy usage? What kind of heatsink or cooling is required?
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    From what I've seen so far, this new architecture is unreal. I've been using a 780 GTX with a 7-year old six core Xeon for a while now and with the new Intel series coming out, I'm glad I waited.
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    Does this have better graphics than my commador 64?
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    Top 10 company!