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NYC workers donate to Mayor de Blasio's rival presidential hopefuls

Matt McNulty

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is not inspiring much confidence amongst his staff members and city workers, as the democratic presidential hopeful continues to fall short in raising campaign funds, the New York Post reports.

Having raised a paltry $1.1 million thus far, a further look into de Blasio’s donors show municipal workers, including a handful of City Hall staffers, are contributing large amounts of money to democratic presidential candidates for the upcoming primaries, however hardly any of those donations are going to their own boss’s campaign coffer.

According to The Post, about 3,000 city workers have donated over $200,000 to White House hopefuls, nearly all of which went to de Blasio’s democratic opponents. following a review by the nonprofit organization the Center for Public Integrity.

The review determined that out of 2,997 donors who listed the City of New York as their employer, only 74 made those donations to de Blasio, which makes for a meager 2.5% of city workers and staffers who ponied up money for their boss’s presidential aspirations.

And out of the $200,000 in donations made by workers for the city, only $12,600 made its way into de Blasio’s campaign fund.

“He doesn’t have my support for president. I think there are candidates that have more to offer,” an attorney for the city told The Post, before revealing they instead donated to businessman Andrew Yang.

Meanwhile, New York City employees and City Hall staffers donated around $58,000 to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, $36,300 to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and $23,600 to California Sen. Kamala Harris, according to the Post.

The only other mayor on the democratic primary ballot, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Peter Buttigieg received nearly $21,000 in campaign donations from municipal workers in New York City.

One longtime City Hall staffer under de Blasio’s payroll scoffed at the idea of Hizzoner becoming president.

“It’s a joke,” the anonymous aide told The Post.

“I think that he knows that he can’t win. It’s just a lot of eye-rolling . . . He’s doing it because he’s got a big ego and needs to prove something, and I don’t think he’s going to quietly go away and become an adjunct professor at Hunter.”


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