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Nykredit’s and Totalkredit’s auctions for 1 April 2020 refinancing - Totalkredit A/S

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15 Januar 2020

Nykredit’s and Totalkredit’s auctions for 1 April 2020 refinancing

The Nykredit Group conducts auctions in the period from Monday 24 February to Thursday 27 February 2020. The auctions will comprise refinancing of adjustable-rate mortgages (”Tilpasningslån”) in DKK and EUR.

The Nykredit Group currently expects to sell bonds totalling up to DKK 22bn. The amounts are preliminary and will be affected by prepayments and refinancing changes until end January.

Time schedule
The auctions will be held according to the following schedule.

Auction period Expected auction times – CET
24 to 27
First auction: Bidding until 10:30 / allotment 10:40 at latest
Second auction: Bidding until 11:30 / allotment 11:40 at latest
Third auction: Bidding until 13:00 / allotment 13:10 at latest


Auction amounts and period
Details on auction amounts and period will be announced at the beginning of February. Subsequently, the auction amounts will be updated on an ongoing basis at nykredit.com/ir.

Questions regarding the bond sales and technical matters may be addressed to Funding & Capital, Lars Mossing Madsen, tel +45 44 55 11 66.