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The NYT Held A 160-Person Party At Guy Fieri's Restaurant The Same Day The Scathing Review Was Printed

Kim Bhasin

Well, this is pretty awkward.

The New York Times held a huge staff party at Guy Fieri's Times Square restaurant yesterday, Tina Nguyen at The Braiser reports.

Yes, that's on the same day that the paper printed a brutal review of Fieri's restaurant by critic Pete Wells.

Dr. Phil mentioned the party on the Today Show, in a discussion following Fieri's segment in which the TV host and chef shot back at Wells and The NYT.

Also, an employee at Fieri's restaurant confirms to The Braiser that The NYT held a party there, estimating that there were about "150 to 160" people in attendance.

The NYT denies that it was "company-sponsored," but admits that employees could've dined there:

As far as I’m aware, The New York Times did not host a company-sponsor ed event at Guy Fieri’s American Bar and Grill. However, our offices are located in the Times Square area, near the restaurant. We have many employees who could have dined there. That is not something I can confirm for you.

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