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Oakland City Council to vote on possible lawsuit against Raiders on May 1

Mike Florio

The Raiders will begin later this year what could be there last year in Oakland. The powers-that-be in Oakland could be doing something about it.

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Daily reports that the Oakland City Council will conduct a May 1 vote on whether to sue the Raiders and the NFL.

The litigation, which likely would be pursued under a contingency-fee agreement, is expected to arise under the antitrust laws, with a likely argument that the league ignored its own relocation bylaws.

Given the propensity of the late Al Davis to sue anyone and everyone who impeded his business interests, it’s fitting that the team’s second exit from Oakland could happen in a cloud of litigation. If a lawsuit is filed, that could make it more likely that the team will leave after the 2018 season in lieu of signing a new short-term lease to play there until its new Las Vegas stadium is ready in 2020.