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Oath Protocol Announces Strategic Partnership with QuarkChain, Introducing New Layer of Blockchain Security -- Dispute Resolution & Governance

Today, we are thrilled to announce OATH's first and key strategic partnership with QuarkChain

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 6, 2018 / OATH is the first protocol that focuses on Blockchain Arbitration and Governance. OATH provides a community-based dispute resolution protocol. It is modeled on the common-law jury system and utilizes blockchain, cryptographic algorithms, random algorithms associated with categories and attributes, juror's credit level, and case-tracking technology. OATH is building a decentralized, standard and extensible chain-agnostic protocol that protects dApp users' rights and assets.

QuarkChain is a next-generation public blockchain system that leverages sharding as a horizontal scalability approach. QuarkChain is an innovative permissionless blockchain architecture that aims to meet global commercial standards. It provides a secure, decentralized, and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain transactions per second (TPS).

Yin Xu, Co-founder and CEO of OATH Protocol, says, "QuarkChain showed us a very promising solution to the most pressing issues for blockchain today: scalability and security. QuarkChain has a great eco-system, and lots of strong teams are building dpps for it. OATH wants to provide them with a decentralized blockchain governance protocol, so that QuarkChain supporters can be part of the future of QuarkChain. In addition, we want to build close relationships with all the dpps on QuarkChain and become their standard dispute resolution protocol."

Ting Du, CBO of QuarkChain, mentioned that "OATH Protocol provides one of the most important protocols for blockchain security. We have all been focusing on technical blockchain security, like anti-hacking, but OATH shows us a different layer of blockchain security, governance and disputes resolution, that will protect users' rights and assets. OATH is a fair, efficient and extensible protocol. We are very excited about this partnership. OATH is our first and the only one dispute resolution protocol, and we can't wait to show our users this great collaboration."

The collaboration between OATH and QuarkChain is the first of its kind, and a leading example of a public chain's use of a decentralized governance protocol. It allows the public chain to give the rights and controls back to its supporters and gives everyone a fair chance to decide the future of the chain.

With QuarkChain's high-throughput scalable architecture, great communities, and healthy ecosystem, OATH protocol can be used in a wide variety of scenarios.

Contact Person: Jenny Vatrenko

Email:: jv@oaths.io

Country: USA

Website: https://oaths.io