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ObamaCare - Good or Bad for America?

Jared A Levy

I am not a Republican or Democrat, I simply believe in the simplicity and strength of the Constitution and the freedom and rights of all men and women across the world.

From my perspective, The Affordable Care Act was a sneaky way for the President to tax the wealthy using the guise of better healthcare for all.  While I agree that our healthcare system needs help and even agree with some of the ideas within the Act, this was an underhanded way to implement change. 

To me, this is just another push for America in the wrong direction as we fall further behind the rest of the world in education, technology and now medicine.

In the words of Chief Justice John Roberts regarding the individual mandate:

“It is reasonable to construe what Congress has done as increasing taxes on those who have a certain amount of income, but choose to go without insurance.  Such legislation is within Congress’ power to tax.”

My main concern is that we may severely damage what is good about our medical system while trying to fix what is broken. 

Many healthcare providers who save lives and provide exceptional care will be forced to take dramatic cuts in pay and change the way they do business.

Savvy medical professionals that near retirement may choose to leave the system.   As conditions for MDs deteriorate, less and less smart people may be motivated to pursue medicine.

In essence, the quality of medical care is in question and already there is talk of many top physicians getting out of the insurance network and going a’ la carte.  This leaves those of us in the middle class paying for insurance or paying Obama’s penalty and paying full price to see a quality care provider.

I also fear that America was once a Mecca for the brightest and most creative minds in the world; but now seems to reward the indolent and promote mediocrity; while at the same time punishing  and vilifying those (upper middle class, wealthy, etc) that have worked hard to make a life and better their communities.

There was no doubt change that needed to be made and certain costs that need to be controlled.  The insurance companies are reaping rewards no matter what and by many accounts is the reason why our system is broken and expensive.   Even under the plan they will make out like bandits!  The insurance companies pay your Doctor less than you would without coverage for the same service in most cases!

Do you think ObamaCare was the right way to fix this?

 Do you think it will change the quality of healthcare in the US?

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