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Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation Joins Global Sustainable Tourism Council

LANCASTER, PA / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2018 / Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (CPWR) ("OTE" or "the Company"), a project developer for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) renewable energy plants, announced today that it has joined the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

The GSTC is a global membership organization, formed to manage the global baseline standards for sustainable travel and tourism through the adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles. The GSTC Criteria serve as the global baseline standards for sustainability in travel and tourism. The Criteria are used for education and awareness-raising, policy-making for businesses, government agencies, and other organization types, measurement and evaluation, and as a basis for certification. The GSTC Criteria are the result of a worldwide effort to develop a common language about sustainability in tourism.

The GSTC Criteria have been developed based on decades of prior work and experience around the world. The process was designed to adhere to ISO codes of conduct and the standards-setting code of the ISEAL Alliance, the international body providing guidance for the development and management of sustainability standards for all sectors. The Criteria are the minimum standards which businesses, governments, and destinations should achieve to approach social, environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability.

Jeremy Feakins, Chairman, and CEO of Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation said, "Meeting the GSTC's criteria for sustainability should be a goal for all hotels, destinations, and tours, and we are pleased to support those that aspire to follow the Criteria. The GSTC is doing important work to bring sustainability and eco-responsibility to the tourism sector, and we are glad to be onboard."

Randy Durband, CEO of GSTC, said, "OTEC and SWAC technologies are directly related to following Section D of the GSTC Criteria. We are pleased to have Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation join us as a GSTC Member. Their mission to inspire sustainable living in conjunction with a modern quality of life resonates with the spirit of our standards for sustainable management, socioeconomic impacts, cultural impacts, and environmental impacts."

About OTEC and SWAC

OTEC plants generate renewable energy by "harvesting" the heat in ocean water and using that heat to warm liquids with a low boiling point (such as ammonia) so that vapor is produced. The vapor turns a turbine and generates electricity. Cold water then condenses the vapor, and the closed loop cycle continues. Supporting the efforts for more sustainable living in developing nations around the world, OTE's OTEC and SWAC technologies drastically reduce the output of carbon emissions and produce renewable energy without the use of fossil fuels. This translates to slowing down climate change and cleaning up our atmosphere for a healthier planet for all.

About Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation

OTE is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based company that designs and develops deep-water hydrothermal clean-energy systems which produce fossil-fuel free electricity through Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), and environmentally friendly cooling through Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) without the use of fossil fuels. An important part of the technology is the production of large amounts of water for drinking, aquaculture, agriculture, and economic development.

OTE's technology is ideally suited to tropical and subtropical regions of the world -- where about 3 billion people live. It utilizes the natural temperature differential in oceans to generate base-load, 24/7, clean, non-polluting electricity, as well as alternative, energy-efficient cooling systems and fresh water, the latter of which is essential for the entire world, particularly developing communities.

For additional information regarding OTE, please visit the company's website at www.otecorporation.com.

About Global Sustainable Tourism Council

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) establishes and manages global sustainable tourism standards with the aim of increasing sustainable tourism knowledge and practices among public and private stakeholders. The GSTC is an independent and neutral USA-registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that establishes and manages global baseline standards for sustainability in travel and tourism. The standards are two sets of GSTC Criteria: Destination Criteria and Industry Criteria, the minimum requirements for tourism businesses and destinations to pursue in order to protect and sustain the world's natural and cultural resources, along with conservation and poverty alleviation. The GSTC represents a diverse and global membership, including UN agencies, leading travel companies, hotels, country tourism boards, tour operators, individuals, and communities - all striving to achieve best practices in sustainable tourism.

Safe Harbor Statement

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Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation Contact:

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