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Octopai One of Nine Innovative Cloud-Based Startups Selected for Microsoft ScaleUp 2018

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Octopai (www.octopai.com) was selected, along with nine other startups, to participate in the globally recognized Microsoft Scale Up program.

Microsoft ScaleUp is a four-month program built to empower startups around the world on their journey to build great companies. The program aims to help startups with unique technology and value propositions to scale the their business by providing the tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise needed to become successful companies. Octopai's cloud-based metadata management platform was a natural choice for the accelerator.

ScaleUp comes at a perfect time for Octopai - a machine learning-based, SaaS product for Business Intelligence that enables organizations to find their data and track its movement process in seconds by automatically discovering, centralizing and analyzing cross-platform metadata.

The Painpoint

Organizations use many different BI systems to run and manage their data, and they also typically end up using proprietary, silo-based tools to manage the data in every single BI system. This leads to inaccuracies in data integrity, governance problems and high labor costs as BI groups end up spending more than 50% of their time and resources on manually tracing the data, while the business loses precious time to market.

The Benefit

Octopai's technology automatically creates complete data lineage by retrieving metadata directly from the multi-vendor BI systems and placing it on a centralized, cloud platform for metadata analysis. In a single view, BI groups can easily discover, navigate and understand the data journey in seconds. Unlike other traditional vendor-specific tools that are limited, costly and cumbersome, Octopai is extremely simple to use and can be up and running in a day.

From Idea to Reality

Octopai has made great strides since its launch in 2017. Inbound demand is growing steadily with leading companies worldwide partnering with Octopai and paying customers using the cloud-based solution to boost their businesses on a daily basis. ScaleUp has developed a tailor-made program for Octopai that includes distribution channel building with global Fortune 500 companies, working alongside top Microsoft executives, as well as access to some of the greatest resources available to startups today.

"Octopai is very excited to partner with ScaleUp to scale the company to become a leader in the BI data management space," said Octopai CEO Amnon Drori.

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