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Odell Beckham Jr. believes he’s being targeted for enhanced PED testing

Mike Florio

Another year, another NFL player suggests that the NFL’s random PED testing policy isn’t.

In 2018, it was Panthers safety Eric Reid. In 2019, it’s Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

After Thursday’s win over the Steelers, which was marred by the unhinged craziness of the closing seconds of the game, Beckham claimed that he’s being tested more often than other players. Actually, more than all other players.

“[The NFL] made me come in Monday when we had an off day. Had a drug test,” Beckham said, via Cleveland.com. “Made me come in Thursday after the game. Had another drug test.”

Beckham then painted with a broad brushing, claiming without hard proof that he’s being singled out.

“Nobody is getting tested like me,” Beckham said. “I know people who didn’t get tested for five months in the offseason and I’m getting tested every time.”

But that’s how a random process works. Some guys get tested more often than others. Some get tested less frequently.

The league, per Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com, declined to comment specifically on Beckham’s claim. But the league reiterated the same general description of the PED program that was provided when Reid claimed last year that he’s being targeted for enhanced testing.

“Neither the union or the league are involved in the random selection of players to be tested,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy told Cabot. “By means of a computer program, the independent administrator determines which 10 players will be randomly selected each week.”

An investigation regarding Reid’s claims determined that the independent process had been properly followed as to him. Beckham can request a similar investigation, which undoubtedly would lead to a similar result.