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These Office Chairs Were Designed to Let You Nap at Work

Taylor Mead
Photo credit: Overstock

From House Beautiful

Due to some unfortunate logistical issues, I have not yet had any success in making nap desks a more popular thing at the office (not for lack of trying or interest), but I'm not giving up that easily. While fighting for a more well-rested NYC for everyone in the workforce-a cause I'm deeply passionate about-I think I've found the perfect solution. It's not quite as clunky as a nap desk, but just as comfy: reclining office nap chairs.

Naturally, no one in the office has pushed back on me suggesting different ways to snooze on the job. I mean, doesn't everyone want to take a little siesta when they hit that mid-day wall? Sure, coffee can help, but I'd choose a swiveling nap chair over caffeine any day.

Photo credit: Overstock

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To my surprise, these chairs are actually very popular on outlets like Overstock, Jet, and Amazon, making buying one for you work space (whether in an office building or at home), as easy as *add to cart* and *confirm purchase.* Each one is a relatively average size, so it won't take up unnecessary space, but large and cozy enough to kick back, relax, and take a much-needed-and deserved-20-minute nap.

Definitely be sure to set an alarm though, because your boss probably wouldn't be too happy if you snore through all your late-afternoon meetings.

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