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IT'S OFFICIAL: The Government Has Shut Down, And Here's The GOP's Next Move

Brett LoGiurato
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The House of Representatives is expected to vote late Monday night on a motion to go to conference with the Senate on the government-funding bill, a move that Democrats immediately rejected as a cynical political ploy.

Republicans decided not vote on the so-called “clean” CR as demanded by House and Senate Democrats, and the government partially shut down at midnight on Tuesday

The House Rules Committee met at 10:30 p.m. to decide on a rule that will allow Majority Leader Eric Cantor to request a conference with the Senate. The House later voted to go to conference with the Senate by a 228-199 vote.

House Republicans think this move will put pressure on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democrats. And it will force them to the negotiating table.

“ It’s regular order,” a GOP leadership aide told Business Insider to the House's rationale. “It means we’re the reasonable, responsible actors trying to keep the process alive as the clock ticks past  midnight , despite Washington Democrats' refusal — thus far — to negotiate.”

The aide said that the House GOP will likely not include in the motion a stopgap bill to fund the government for a short, one- or two-week period. Instead, they will again look to pass their latest offer — one that has in it two amendments that chip away at Obamacare, and that the Senate rejected Monday evening.

The House's final pre-shutdown move came after Republicans have rejected the idea of going to conference on the budget for months. Citing that fact — Republicans have opposed 18 opportunities to go to conference on the federal budget — Reid slammed House Republicans' latest “gambit” on the Senate floor.

He called on the House to pass a clean, six-week CR before the two chambers go to conference.

“We will not go to conference with a gun to our head,” Reid said. “... I  want everyone to hear what I just said. We will not go to conference without a clean CR.”

The Senate will reconvene at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, when it will move to table the House GOP's latest plan.

"And," a Senate Democratic aide said, "we will be back at square one."

In case you're keeping score, here's the ping-pong that the Senate and House have played since Friday:

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