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Reaction to iBirth Announcement Shows Humanity Is Not Yet Doomed

Dan Tynan
Yahoo Tech
Andreas Kleinke's birth announcement

(Andreas Kleinke)

It appears that the Internet is not populated entirely by jerks.

Yesterday we published Alyssa Bereznak’s story about a particularly clever birth announcement created by Andreas Kleinke, a former Apple employee who built an extremely Applesque website for his “brand new mini.” 

The newly launched Jonathan Henry Kleinke boasts some impressive specs, including 10 tactile units supporting a full range of gestures, 388 nasal receptor neurons, a central loudspeaker capable of reaching 120 decibels, and a “non-Android operating system (thank god).”

Our story got picked up by The Next Web, Cult of Mac, Ubergizmo, and other popular sites. Kleinke says the announcement received so much attention that it overwhelmed his server, thoroughly annoying his hosting company. (It’s better now.)

The response, says the Munich-based Kleinke, was heartwarming. He wrote:

“We got over 2400 emails through the site so far, from people around the world, and every single one of them was warm, heartfelt and lovely (the trolls kept to the comment sections, it seems). Jonathan received words of wisdom from India, poems from China (in Chinese, no less), a TON of ‘tudo de bom’ wishes from Brazil, blessings from Indonesia, and everything else in between.  

“Many of those who wrote are parents or parents-to-be, some have lost their children, others just liked my little jab against Android. Ok, one guy offered to buy Jonathan. Apart from that, no weirdos. That surprised me most, and restored my faith in humanity somewhat.”

Yahoo Tech reached out to the 6-day-old Jonathan for his reaction to his newfound Internet fame, but he was napping and could not be reached for comment.

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