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Ohio-Based CEO And Manufacturer Of All-American Made Metal Roofing Products Weighs In As Trump's Tariff War With China Causes Consumers To Worry

PIQUA, Ohio, Aug. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Todd Miller, publisher of asktoddmiller.com and CEO of Isaiah Industries, the leading manufacturer of American-made residential metal roofing products and other building materials, tells consumers how to avoid wasting needless dollars on product tariffs. Miller's tips are in response to the increasing attention and worry amongst consumers about President Trump's tariff war with China.

Todd Miller, leader of a 2nd generation

"Tariffs are becoming a way of life and, there is no way for consumers to 100% avoid being impacted by them," said Miller. "Even many made-in-America products incorporate offshore raw materials which are now having their prices elevated by tariffs." Over the last 40 years, Miller has seen a lot of ups and downs and understands the ways to avoid products impacted by tariffs. Here are Miller's tips on how wise consumers can avoid tariff burnout:

  1. Buy American. Buy American-made products that incorporate all-American raw materials. Companies like Classic Metal Roofing Systems are working hard to avoid the tariffs this way.
  2. Buy Discount. Ask if a discount is available for pre-tariff products. In some cases, manufacturers and distributors are still selling products and raw materials that they acquired before the tariffs took effect. Don't be afraid to haggle!
  3. Buy Smart. Stay wary and look for companies that are least impacted by the tariffs. Because suppliers take different approaches (some pass through tariffs, others absorb them), it may be possible to avoid the tariffs. Keep your options open!
  4. Buy New. Buy recently developed and "niche" products from smaller companies. These products will likely have minimal dependence on foreign components.
  5. Buy Later. If you want to make sure your money is going for what you're buying and not to a federally imposed tariff, delay your purchase for a few months and watch what changes between now and then.

ABOUT TODD MILLER: Todd Miller, president of leading residential metal roofing manufacturer Isaiah Industries, Inc. and publisher of popular consumer website asktoddmiller.com, has provided guidance to hundreds of thousands of savvy consumers in his 40-year career.

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