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Oil up over two percent on concerns over Iran, slower U.S. output growth

By Stephanie Kelly
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    Speculation and Manilipulation, repeal Commodities Modernization act of 2000. Bring back truth in prices, force Speculator's to take delivery of the Commodities.
  • d
    How are those sanctions helping make us safer? They are allowing them to store more uranium so they can eventually build nukes someday, as they end the nuclear deal.
  • J
    Anything that raises the price of oil helps russia and hurts Americans.
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    Hasn't Iran already been priced in? How many times can it be mentioned by oil bulls - seriously?
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    Thanks donnie, last 2 years, higher mortgage rates, higher gas prices, no relief in drug or healthcare costs, but some of us got a couple hundred in tax breaks while the rich save hundreds of thousands if not millions.
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    Left Ventricle
    Trump is helping the members of his cabal bigly!
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    With summer driving season over the Wall Street Crooks need something else to keep oil high and this is it.
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    Lets see TRUMP how this works out for your Party come November. Drain the Swamp!
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    Thanks for letting me pay more at the gas pump Mr. President. MAGA
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    Time to put the Iran sanction pedal to the metal. Iran will collapse along with their sponsorship of terrorism.