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Oil slide weighs on stocks; China’s Wanda goes to Hollywood; Netflix subscribers get more addicted

U.S. stocks (^DJI, ^GSPC, ^IXIC) look to hold on to gains, as the early rally fades. Oil drops toward $30 per barrel again. Keith Bliss of Cuttone & Co. joins us from the floor of the NYSE to discuss the markets.

To discuss today's market movers and some of the other stories Yahoo Finance is keeping an eye on today, Alexis Christoforous is joined by David Nelson, chief strategist at Belpointe, and Bobbi Rebell, television and multimedia reporter at Reuters.

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Drop in oil fuels bankruptcy concerns

Crude oil nearly touched $30 per barrel overnight, extending the current decline to 560 days. If prices don't rebound to at least $50 per barrel soon, the Wall Street Journal reports that we could see as many as one-third of all U.S. oil and gas producers teetering on the edge of bankruptcy by mid 2017. Just how bad can it get for oil producers?

China's Wanda buys Legendary Entertainment for $3.5B

China's Wanda is betting on Hollywood. The company is buying Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion.  What does this deal mean for the U.S. entertainment industry?

Are we more addicted to Netflix than ever before?

Netflix users became more addicted to the online streaming company in 2015. Subscribers watched 13%  more Netflix per user last year than in 2014, according to Goldman Sachs. Netflix was the S&P 500's best performer in 2015.  Will its momentum continue this year?