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Old School New Body Review - An Effective and Proven Program That Will Enable You to Lose Weight and Reverse the Aging Process

Miami, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2014 / A proper diet and adequate exercise is the key to fitness and preserving youthfulness. But, once a person reaches age 40, he starts to age faster. Studies have proven that after age 40, you will start aging 6 months extra each passing year. Scared? Follow Old School New Body training method and recoup your health and achieve the perfect body.

Steve and Becky Holman are the founders of the Old School New Body plan that is designed explicitly for the over 40s. Unlike, most of the workout programs that are intended to augment fitness levels and lose weight, this exclusive old school new body training method dawdles down your aging mechanism and makes you look ten years younger.

How Old School New Body plan works

Steve and Becky Holman have formulated 5 basic rules that facilitate in fighting the aging process:

- Stop eating low fat diets
- Stop running in circles (like treadmills)
- Stop blaming your old age every time
- Drink more water and
- Work out less

The F4X Training Plan

All of the rules are encompassed in their F4X (Focus 4 Exercise) training plan. The training system only needs you to spend a total of hour and a half a week and promises you an ideal body. Comprising of exclusive exercises and diet program, the entire system is divided into three basic phases.

The 1st Phase, known as the F4X Lean is the most important phase where you start the training system. It introduces you to specific meal plans and exercise that boosts up metabolism and assists you to shack that stubborn pounds you always wanted.

The 2nd Phase, known as the F4X Shape is an optional phase. It further motivates you to exercise more building some muscles and shaping up your body.

The 3rd phase, known as the F4X Build is again an optional phase. It focuses on building some serious muscles and enhances your fitness with serious diet plans and aggressive exercises.

Old School New Body Reviews

Hundreds of users have given a perfect score to Old School New Body training system. It's a trustworthy and legit plan and definitely makes you look up to ten years younger. It comes with 2 months money back guarantee and is genuine. Compared to countless phony anti-aging solutions in the beauty market, Old School New Body plan is lighter to your pocket and provides actual results.

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