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Olie lamp includes a voice assistant and wireless charging

Rob LeFebvre

It seems like everyone is building in Alexa or Google Assistant smarts to their speakers, thermostats and cars these days. If you haven't yet had enough of devices you can talk to, the Olie lamp over at Indiegogo might interest you. It's a cute little desk, floor or table lamp that will have a voice assistant from Amazon or Google and a neat little Qi wireless charging station built right in (to the table-sized Olie).

Sure, this is Indiegogo, so don't get your hopes up. If the project is funded and the lamp is produced, though, you'll get an lamp made of aluminum in one of two finishes, black or chrome, that you can talk to. You can get the Olie in spot or area versions in both table or floor configurations. The light is a bright LED bulb with anti-flicker technology, which the designers say will result in greater eye comfort and uniform brightness. Why have a separate lamp, a Google Home or Amazon Echo, and a phone charger, says the Montreal-based designer, when you can have one beautifully designed item that meets all three needs? You can get two spot or area table lamps for a pledge of $169, or one for $89. You can also back a table Olie without a voice assistant for $64. The floor lamp is currently available for an $89 early bird pledge, too.


  • This article originally appeared on Engadget.