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Olivia Wilde Loves Birthday Boy Liam Neeson From Head to Toe, as This Resurrected Viral Meme Shows

No need to send a birthday card when you can post a viral meme!

On Wednesday, Olivia Wilde, 33, gave a social media shout-out to birthday boy Liam Neeson, who was celebrating his milestone 65th, and it wasn’t just any throwback of her former co-star, with whom she appeared in 2010’s The Next Three Days and 2013’s Third Person. It was a meme around a photo of them snapped in Rome in 2012, while on the set of the the latter of the two movies, in which Wilde was squatting down tying Neeson’s shoe while he just stood there, chill as could be, waiting for her to finish. “You may be cool, but you’ll never be Liam Neeson getting his shoes tied up by Olivia Wilde cool,” the copy on the photo says.

Wilde, who is currently appearing on Broadway in 1984, captioned her post, “Happy birthday to Liam Neeson, who is so cool you can’t be in a photo with him without becoming a meme. I’ll tie your shoes any day, my friend.”

The funny photo was first turned into a meme several years ago — and Wilde became aware of it quickly thanks to Twitter. “Several thousand of you have sent me this,” she wrote in 2013. “How do you know I wasn’t actually tying his shoes together as sabotage?”

So it turns out, it wasn’t sabotage after all, making his cool points soar even higher. The guy just gets better with age.

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