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Olympic gold medalist cyclist Nino Schurter faces army reprimand for butt-baring White House photo

Cassandra Negley
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Switzerland's Nino Schurter showed off a little too much at the White House. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)

An Olympic gold medalist’s photo op at the White House has him in a bit of trouble with his employer, the Swiss Army.

Switzerland’s Nino Schurter, voted the 2018 Swiss sportsman of the year, faces potential reprimand, per the Associated Press, after posting a photo to Instagram showing him and his colleagues dropping their pants in front of the White House.

Schurter, a world champion mountain biker, deleted the photo — though it was saved here — in which he and three friends show their bare butts with the White House in the background.

President Donald Trump is tagged above the building. Schurter captioned it “White (peach emoji) for the White House” with an American flag.

Schurter, 33, is supported by Switzerland’s military and was reportedly on service duty between races in the U.S. when he posted the photo. The army told the AP he faces a possible warning from senior officers and any discipline will not be announced.

Army spokesman Daniel Reist defended Schurter to Swiss media, saying he has behaved “exemplary” when representing the army and it was his first slip. Per the army, Schurter already apologized and told Swiss tabloid Blick, “America is a magnificent country and I love traveling there.”

Schurter won gold in mountain biking at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He had a silver in 2012 and bronze in 2008. If he wins in Tokyo next summer, he’ll be the first mountain biker to win four Olympic medals.

He’s a record eight-time world champion, including five consecutive titles from 2015-19, in men’s cross country cycling and won the Swiss National Championship four times.

He was voted the Swiss sportsman of the year award over Roger Federer last December.

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