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OMG's Coach MingZhe on the team's new jungle rotation: 'The difference in styles between these two is pretty obvious'

OMG’s Coach MingZhe (Dionne Ng)

After the first week of the 2017 LPL Summer Split, Oh My God lead Group B with a 2-0 series record. Following their second victory over JingDong Gaming, the team fielded questions from Chinese press regarding champion picks and their new jungler rotation.

How did you feel during your first victory? How do you evaluate your performance in your first match?

Hu “Jiekou” Zixiang: [My feeling was] as long as I don’t make too many mistakes, I’ll pass.

You picked Zac today. It worked very well for you. What do you think are the strengths of this champion?

Jiekou: This champion has a lot of control. If you don’t get harassed too much early, he’s really strong after the mid game.

This split, the other regions haven’t picked Malzahar yet. Why did you pick it in the third game?

Liu “Five” Shiyu: Because the opponent picked Thresh. This matchup isn’t that bad for Malzahar.

In the first game, it seemed OMG didn’t have too much of a problem initially, but you were eventually pinned down and lost. Is it difficult for teams to win against JingDong’s composition on the current patch?

Coach MingZhe: It definitely isn’t like that. In the first thirty minutes, our team’s tactics and decisions were managed and carried out well. After thirty minutes, because we had a Kog’Maw-Lulu comp, we became too complacent and stable — we fell into this kind of mindset. If in the first game, after 30 minutes, we had remained decisive, we should have won.

What is the difference in style between Jiekou and Chen “World6” Yutian? Why did you choose to add these players this year?

Coach MingZhe: The difference in styles between these two is pretty obvious. They both have distinct characteristics. World6 is very good at capitalizing on opportunities, and I think among LPL junglers, he is at least third-best at this kind of play. He’s a very high risk-high reward player, and he can catch many teams by surprise.

Jiekou is very tactical in the way he plays. Before games, he sets up strategies and goals for the team. This way, our game plan is a little more stable.

Today you played Kassadin and got a double kill on the enemy’s top side. What did you think based on your experience with this hero?

Xie “icon” Tianyu: At that time, I just had really good items, so I could get a double kill.

In the second game, when you played Gragas jungle, you took Stoneborn Pact. What made you pick this Keystone?

World6: I think the Stoneborn Pact is stronger, so I picked it. It adds five percent health.

Recently, Kassadin’s pick rate has increased a lot. What advantages does Kassadin have on the current patch?

icon: Doran’s Shield being stronger makes it so that Kassadin doesn’t get pressured as much in lane. If the enemy team’s mid and jungle are both AP champs, there’s really no pressure.

Why did you choose to change the jungler for Jiekou when the match score was even?

Coach MingZhe: There were two things that made me change the jungler. The first was the mental state of the players, and the second was how I wanted to change the pick and ban.

Between you and Doinb, who is more of a carry for his team?

Icon: In fact, Kennen carried the first game, so…

Are you satisfied with your team’s performance today? How did you restore the mood after your base was backdoored and the game was stolen in the first match?

Han “S1mlz” Jin: It was all right, about average. The junglers played well. The enemy team had a strong laning phase. My Kog’Maw was fed, but it didn’t help.

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