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Oncologix Enters Medical Product & Technology Markets

ALEXANDRIA, LA / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2014 / Oncologix Tech Inc. (OCLG), A diversified medical holding company with divisions in medical devices and healthcare services announces its expansion into the Medical Products and Technology markets.

Oncologix Tech, Inc (OCLG) recently formed a new division in its medical holding portfolio, Advanced Medical Products & Technologies, Inc. as a precursor into the medical product markets. The new division establishes a foundation for growth with future acquisitions of medical products, advanced technologies, product licensing and distribution. OCLG will position this business unit to service the growing aging demographic with advanced technologies designed to enhance medical service outcomes.

"Establishing our new Medical Products Division creates a solid base for expansion into this market segment," said CEO Wayne Erwin. "With an aging baby-boomer population, this industry will have significant growth opportunities and our objective is to utilize the new division as an operating platform to market, license and sell medical products via a national and international distribution network. By operational synergies and procurement economies, we can reduce the overall cost of products to patients, to health care service providers and be ideally positioned to meet the growing needs of a rapidly aging population".

"Our goal is to create a national and international sales distribution footprint," Erwin said. "We have identified several new technologies for product licensing and key acquisitions to be filtered through our distribution channels which will generate significant revenues with minimal capital investments."

About Oncologix Tech

Oncologix is a diversified medical holding company that operates and manufactures Class II medical device products, delivers Personal Healthcare Services, and provides sales and distribution of medical products and technologies. For its clients, Oncologix provides FDA approved medical devices, state licensed healthcare services, and medical products and technologies. For its shareholders, Oncologix operates profitable business divisions that build, maintain and nourish shareholder value. The Company’s corporate mission is to be the best small cap medical device and healthcare services holding company in North America.

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