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OncoSec Medical Incorporated President and CEO Publishes New Blog Entitled ''Why Electroporation?''

OncoSec Medical Inc. (OTC Markets: ONCS.OB) published a blog post entitled “Why Electroporation?” on Mr. Dhillon’s blog site (punitdhillon.com) which was republished on TheChairmansBlog.com.

OncoSec’s President and CEO, Punit Dhillon, answers the question “Why Electroporation?” In his blog, Dhillon highlights electroporation as the “most popular, most versatile, and most efficient transfection and transformation method available.” He also explains how OncoSec’s proprietary delivery system uses electroporation and some of the pros and cons of using the technology.

About OncoSec Medical, Inc.
OncoSec Medical Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing its advanced-stage ImmunoPulse DNA-based immunotherapy and NeoPulse therapy to treat solid tumor cancers. ImmunoPulse and NeoPulse therapies address an unmet medical need and represent a potential solution, for less invasive and less expensive therapies that are able to minimize detrimental effects resulting from currently available cancer treatments such as surgery, systemic chemotherapy or immunotherapy and other treatment alternatives. OncoSec Medical's core technology is based upon its proprietary use of an electroporation platform to dramatically enhance the delivery and uptake of a locally delivered DNA-based immunocytokine (ImmunoPulse) or chemotherapeutic agent (NeoPulse). Treatment of various solid cancers using these powerful and targeted anti-cancer agents has demonstrated selective destruction of cancerous cells while sparing healthy normal tissues during early and late stage clinical trials. OncoSec's clinical programs include three Phase II clinical trials for ImmunoPulse targeting lethal skin cancers. More information is available at http://www.oncosec.com/.

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