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Ondekoza: Renown Japanese Taiko Band Reveals Training Secrets to Tokyo Survival Channel in Exclusive Interview


Dancing to the beat of a different drum: Ondekoza, Japan’s most well-known taiko-only band, was interviewed for the first time at this level of depth by any English publication. The group took on Tokyo Survival Channel reporter Phoebe Amoroso as a one-time 24-hour member for intensive training and an exclusive interview, the article shedding light on their somewhat mysterious training methods and core beliefs.

The article: https://en.woshiru.com/experience/ondekoza-24-hours/

“In marketing, you design and work hard to define how you want to be viewed by others, so the market defines you. But Ondekoza does not work that way: they define themselves,” says Masaya Hatta founder of Wakokoro, a company that aims to widen understanding of Japanese culture and the artisan mindset.

The TSC team spent over 24 hours training and practicing with the Ondekoza as a challenge – to see if spending 24 hours with masters would improve their non-existent taiko skills. Instead, they walked away with a deeper appreciation for the daily dedication and hard work that goes into preparing for every one of Ondekoza’s performances.

The full article with video and photos can be found on the Tokyo Survival Channel (https://en.woshiru.com/).

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