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One Of America's Fastest Growing Social Media Companies Social Media 55 Opens Offices In Chicago Illinois

Chicago Welcomes Social Media 55's Newest Location Built To Help Local Businesses Grow

CHICAGO, Jan. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Heads up Chicago, there's a new kid in town and their name is Social Media 55. So why should Chicago business owners and entrepreneurs pay any mind to this digital marketing agency?

Well for one, as multinational digital marketing and social media agency based out of Montreal, Canada with roots in Los Angeles, California, Toronto, Canada, and now Chicago, Illinois -- Social Media 55 team of highly skilled and certified professionals are some of the very best in the industry. Having successfully ranked hundreds of professional athletes, restauranteurs, automotive and fashion brands, politicians, real estate brokers, and other verticle leaders at the very top of Google search results both locally and nationally, the group at Social Media 55 are turning heads and breaking records.

Social Media 55 newest flagship office located at 203 N LaSalle St Suite 2100, Chicago, IL 60601 led by COO, Joseph Rothstein and CMO, Anzour Jallouqa and VP of Operations, Benjamin Ohayon, have a few tips for local business owners in Chicago, IL trying to get ahead of the competition using social media as a tool to grow their business:

1. When using Instagram for your business the key is influence and engagement. These two factors drive massive traffic and lead to high conversion to sales. Done incorrectly, it could be the difference between a profitable year and it being your very last year in business.

2. When looking for one of the best returns on your ad spending investment in 2019, look no further than Facebook. The social networking giant is more than just friends lists and messenger. Offering its advertisers the ability to micro-target where ads are placed and how often, you can get a ton of return on its ad platform.

3. If you're looking for search traffic, ppc, sem or video ads -- Google should be on the top of your list as it accounts for approximately 75% of online users search. That's not to say that you should overlook Yahoo or Bing, but choose your platform according to your company's marketing goals. This is definitely one that we suggest business owners seek out a digital marketing agency to handle on their behalf in order to get the most effective use of their advertising spends in 2019.

As one the fastest growing social media company in both Canada and the United States, the company's executive management have set their sights on delivering to Chicago Businesses the social media and digital marketing services needed to profitably grow their local business at an unbeatable level of service.