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One of the biggest game companies in the world announced a new game, and fans had a hilarious reaction

Ben Gilbert

When video games are revealed at live events, people usually cheer. In the case of a new game named "Artifact," fans had a hilarious, on-the-fly reaction that was ... less than flattering.

LOL THE DISAPPOINTMENT #TI7 pic.twitter.com/WVXP30jxyT

— nick@TI7 (@nickisnixed) August 9, 2017

You may not know the name Valve, but you assuredly know its products.

Steam, for instance, is the largest video game platform in the world — somewhere in the vicinity of 200 million people use it every month.



Or maybe you've heard of "Dota 2," one of Valve's outrageously popular games? How about "Half-Life" or "Portal"? Yep, those are also Valve.

All of that is crucial context for the video above — Valve fans tend to be pretty devoted, and those who attend the company's annual game tournament (known as The International) are the most hardcore of those hardcore fans. It was at this year's tournament that "Artifact" was unveiled.

Before the teaser trailer was revealed, the project was announced as "Valve's next game." That preface alone surely stoked tremendous hype from the crowd. But after the trailer rolls, it's revealed that the game’s full name is actually "Artifact: The Dota Card Game." For some sense of what "Artifact" will be, think of games like "Hearthstone" from Blizzard Entertainment.

While digital card games have plenty of fans, Valve's fans were most likely looking for something more akin to Valve's past game work. "Half-Life 3," perhaps? Instead, they got a spin-off of "Dota 2." And it's in that moment that fans go from excited to tremendously disappointed.

Check out the teaser for "Artifact" right here — the game is expected to launch in 2018:

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