How One Digital Nomad is Providing Organic Social Media Marketing Support to Brands Nationwide

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As businesses work to pivot their services and products online in an effort to be relevant and reachable today, more entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business owners are wondering how they can be just as effective without the reliable foot traffic. It’s true that small businesses have turned to technology in 2021 to ensure their offerings are accessible; however, for many of these business owners, they are lacking in digital and social media proficiency. The crash course of digital marketing just isn’t possible in a few months.

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It’s this very dilemma that has inspired entrepreneur, digital nomad, and social media marketing expert, Elizabeth Prairie of Social Static, to make her organic marketing services as available as possible today. Having been featured on CNN, Entrepreneur, and Forbes for her ability to predict social media changes before they happen, Elizabeth is passionate about helping every single struggling small business to make the most out of digital marketing today.

“Small businesses are what make our neighborhoods thrive; they’re the very backbone of our communities,” said Elizabeth. “These are the entities that donate to school fundraisers and create the jobs we so desperately need today. That’s why I started Social Static, to take my brand marketing knowledge and support every small businesses so they can compete, thrive, and profit in an ever-changing space.”

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Social Media is the Source of Opportunity

Considering more people than ever before are using social media apps to buy products, connect with friends and family, conduct education, and launch new business ventures, it’s paramount that businesses have some kind of lead funnel set up within these sites today. Statistics have shown 50.1% of all time spent on mobile devices is within social media apps, implying that every second spent on the app is an opportunity for businesses to engage with existing customers and gain new customers.

So, what is the secret to luring in new potential clients? Elizabeth claims it’s due to visuals, video content, and relatable captions.

“I believe in cultivating intentional and organic growth through clarified brand messaging, developing a distinct visual presence and crafting a stand-out marketing,” said Elizabeth. “There’s no more time for second-guessing on whether a particular tactic works or not. Digital access through social media has become a critical lifeline to every small business, which is why I am encouraging everyone to consider the power of social media marketing.”

Bespoke Marketing Strategy

Social Static works with clients on a case-by-case basis, applying a completely bespoke and unique marketing plan that works with their individual services, goals, and industries. Elizabeth’s company uses marketing expertise to solve any kind of business problem while creating a solution that is well-executed with no-nonsense.

As Elizabeth continues her digital nomad adventures throughout the United States while working to grow and expand her business, she is working hard to share as much of her social media marketing expertise as possible. The digital nomad details her experiences, discoveries, and advice through her Instagram channel.

For more information, or to learn more about Social Static today, visit: