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One Drop Announces Blood Glucose Predictive Capability for People Using Continuous Glucose Monitors

Major milestone in diabetes care as model accurately predicts blood glucose levels up to 120 minutes in advance to inform proactive, preventative self-care

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- One Drop, a leader in digital therapeutics solutions for diabetes and other chronic conditions, announced last week at the Diabetes Technology Meeting that it has developed a model to accurately predict blood glucose levels for people using continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). The capability is the latest milestone in using AI to improve self-care for people with diabetes, and builds on One Drop's AI-driven 8-hour blood glucose forecasts for users with type 2 diabetes, available in the One Drop mobile app as of this summer.

Automated Decision Support delivers glucose predictions up to 12 hours in advance (PRNewsfoto/One Drop)

In a recent study, the majority of the model-predicted blood glucose levels were within 20 percent of the actual CGM-measured values up to 120 minutes in advance, ensuring people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes would be able to make informed decisions regarding what to eat, how much insulin to bolus and the degree to which they should be physically active.

"No one with diabetes likes to be surprised by a sharp drop in blood sugar levels, or an unexpected rise, both of which could lead to unsafe situations and potentially dangerous consequences. Knowing where blood sugars will be up to 2 hours in advance can help people on CGM make the right choices regarding what they're going to do next and help avoid problems before they even occur," said One Drop Founder and CEO Jeff Dachis. "One Drop's predictive model offers the most accurate blood glucose forecasts based on real-world data that have been published to date. It's a huge step forward in empowering people with the information they need to take better control of their health."

Using more than 10 million hours of CGM data from One Drop users, the model accurately predicted blood glucose levels within 30 mg/dL of the CGM-measured values up to 120 minutes in advance. At 30 minutes, predictions were within 30 mg/dL more than 97% of time. At 60 minutes, predictions were within 30 mg/dL more than 75% of the time. At 120 minutes, predictions were within 30 mg/dL more than 55% of the time.

The same model accurately predicted blood glucose levels 30 minutes in advance that were within 50 mg/dL of the CGM-measured values more than 99% of the time. At 60 minutes, predictions were within 50 mg/dL more than 90% of the time. At 120 minutes, predictions were within 50 mg/dL more than 80% of the time.

One Drop's unique approach combines personalized one-on-one coaching with AI-powered insights to deliver affordable, effective care to the greatest number of people possible. Proprietary machine learning — powered by health data collected from over 1.5 million One Drop users — generates actionable advice that connects behavior with outcomes to simplify decision making and promote lasting behavior change. 

One Drop's industry-leading digital diabetes education program was the first ever to be recognized by the American Diabetes Association and has since been expanded to offer programs for pre-diabetes, weight management, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The program connects each participant with personalized educational content and a dedicated personal health coach to successfully manage their conditions.

Earlier this year, One Drop expanded its AI-powered Predictive Insights to include 8-hour blood glucose forecasts for One Drop mobile app users with type 2 diabetes, and each forecast is paired with a behavioral recommendation to help keep blood glucose in range. The One Drop app also offers an easy-to-use Personal Health Assistant — a digital tool for monitoring medication, food and physical activity as well as blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and other health markers.

One Drop's efficacy has been established in more than 20 peer-reviewed studies, which showed that people with diabetes using One Drop decreased their A1c (average blood glucose levels) in a little as one month. One Drop is the only provider of blood glucose forecasts for people with type 2 diabetes.

About One Drop
One Drop is a digital health company harnessing the power of mobile computing and data science to transform the lives of people with diabetes worldwide. The One Drop platform brings affordable, accessible diabetes care to everyone with diabetes and a smartphone, as well as their employers, insurers and health care providers. One Drop's consumer services are available for purchase in-app (iOS and Android) and at getonedrop.com. The One Drop app is available for free download worldwide (iOS and Android). Find more information on how One Drop can help your organization lower the cost of care here or contact results@onedrop.today.

One Drop (PRNewsfoto/One Drop)
(PRNewsfoto/One Drop)

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