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ONE MILLION Citizens for Kindness

November is BE KIND America Month, initiated by The Be Kind People Project for communities and schools nationwide

PHOENIX, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Be kind, America. It's time. There's no dancing around the issue that incivility is a national epidemic. People young and old don't simply perceive incivility—they witness or experience it daily. The Be Kind People Project (BKPP) has a solution to initiate positive change. Be Kind.  

Kindness is intentionally extending good to others (Def: The Be Kind People Project).   The national focus during November is designed to encourage a collective awareness, pay-it-forward actions, and a conscious commitment to being kind people by citizens, communities, businesses, and schools.   

Key focus points of the campaign include:

  1. America's mayors are encouraged to take a leadership position and proclaim November 2019 as BE KIND America Month in their communities.   Towns and cities, featured at www.BKPP.org, can make a strong statement about the importance of demonstrating simple gestures of kindness. 
  2. Schools across the country are invited to use the free ONE MILLION Kids for Kindness poster and BE KIND America coloring page to initiate classroom discussion for how students can make a positive difference.  "Today's youth need and want a voice," says Bo Whittenton, Chief Programs and Services Officer for The Be Kind People Project.  "Over five million students nationwide have already made a commitment to follow The Be Kind Pledge, and this effort helps them to understand their role to extend those values in school, at home, and in the community.    Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders."
  3. Citizens are invited to send kind stories, videos, and photos to social@bkpp.org, to be featured and celebrated on social media. People can also share their stories with #BeKindAmerica in their posts and use social media frames. To access frames, visit: @BeKindPeopleProject on Facebook. 

Kindness is a skill, and like all skills, it must be practiced until it becomes a highly valued asset. These values impact decisions, which have a positive influence on behavior. Kind behaviors yield civility, the place that sets the best tone for discourse, social interaction, mutual respect, and positive thinking.  It is also the place far removed from where we are today.

To join this effort, contact info@bkpp.org.

About The Be Kind People Project: 

Founded in 2012, The Be Kind People Project is a charitable nonprofit in Phoenix, Arizona focused on teaching positive solutions for conflict and the skills of being kind. The Be Kind People Project provides students with an evidence-based learning approach so they will understand what TO do instead of what NOT to do. Based on a Pledge of 10 kindness skills, The Be Kind People Project offers school assemblies, online learning programs, after school and summer classes, leadership conferences, school gardens, community service projects and family engagement programs. Programs are led by THE BE KIND CREW, a group of professional urban dancers and educators, who teach the skills of kindness to life through music, dance, and spoken word. The Be Kind People Project has nearly one million contacts annually with students, their teachers and their families nationwide.

For information:
Rachael Vargas
480-580-3599; 602-559-9399


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